is a project company with the purpose of build-up and commercial operation of intercity and international fibre-optic transmission line (FOTL) network, as well as a complex of data centers functioning as an integrated geographically distributed data processing and archiving facility.

Primary activities:


uilding of intercity and international communication lines, switching stations, carrying out in a package or individual work items on production, design and construction of telecommunication facilities


mplementation, operation and development of communication systems, providing service for data communications


ystem integrating supervision in organization of the workflow


Project scope

The territory of Russia – more than 30 thousand kilometers fibre-optic transmission line (FOTL) backbone network. The organization of bordering telecommunication transitions with Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China. In the long-term it is expected to organize interfaces with Turkish, Sudan, Iran and Japan telecommunication networks.

Project target – create transcontinental backbone telecom operator on the basis of a federal network company, solving the following problems:

  • Construction of backbone fibre-optic transmission line (FOTL) with a capacity of more than 200 Tbit/s;
  • Organization of international internet traffic transit South-East Asia - Siberia - Ural - Europe - Middle East - North Africas;
  • Establishment of the basic federal magistral service-oriented "operator for operators" to stimulate development of regional telecom operators and content holders;
  • Establishment of the infrastructure operator for resource allocation and telecommunication services for government institutions with the highest level of information security.

Within the framework of the project there will be created:

Cable line infrastructure

in Russia of more than 30 000 kilometers long for transit of international traffic Asia-Europe-Africa with the use of two or more geographically distributed overland routes and using modern equipment DWDM with optical channels upwards of 100G


for commercial operations between Europe, Asia and Africa


on the territory of Russia with modern technologies (GMPLS and SDN) support

Data centers

12 modular date centers geographically distributed on the territory of Russia

Content delivery network (CDN)

service-oriented communication network, based on MPLS, MPLS-TP equipment integrated by the SDN technology

Cloud infrastructure

the infrastructure based on 12 data centers, enabling to access distributed configurable computational resources as well as to operate CDN and FOTL resources to provide high quality service indicators (SDN, NFV, ACI technology and etc.).


infrastructure for development, promotion and support of client and service platforms

OSS/BSS (including NMS and billing)

the systems for operation and business support

Our Partners

JSC Business-Invest is a member of NP Systems and Technologies

  • Milecom
  • Rosseti
  • Rostec
  • Russian Direct Investment Fund

Board of Directors

Oleg Kabanov

Chief Executive Officer

Sulkis Igor

Chief Financial Officer

  • Financial and economic department
  • Investment department

Kolmukov Eugeney

Commercial Director

  • Commercial department
  • Marketing department

Contact us

  building 4, street Aviakonstruktora Mikoyana 14, Moscow, Russian Federation, 125252